Smarmy Romantic Stinky V-day Post

family homestead story

I’m grateful the chickens don’t sleep in our bedroom. Tadg, Bella and Tabitha all bring their unique sounds and smells to our nighttime sojourn through slumberland. When Bella sleeps on her back (her four black paws poking up over the edge of the bed), her snores sound like a food disposal eating an outboard motor. Tadg joined her song last week, offering up three nights of congestion induced snoring punctuated by fevered nightmares.
I probably should have known that our marriage would be nothing like I expected, given that you dubbed me “stinky” when we first met. Later, when our wedding site turned into a mud pit it was a sure sign dirt would play a central role in our life together.
Its funny what encourages love to grow. For us its home, children, the land, and animals. The less time we have for the two of us, the more time we have for love. Love, and even romance, are not always cuddly, frequently they don’t even smell good. Our love includes a dog that eats unspeakable things.
I know its not always been easy for you to trust a husband, important men in your life have not been there for you the way they should have been. For a time your mistrust fed mine, I think we finished up that mad feast a few years ago. I’m so glad to be done with that. Now those eggs of fear can break open to reveal their secret treasures. The YES hidden within the NO is extraordinary. I’ve had more this year than ever before. Those moments of opening are quiet, barely perceptible to others, but symphonies to me.
The other day you turned to me and said, “next anniversary we’ll have been married NINE YEARS.” You seemed surprised and a little relieved. Somewhere inside of me a voice said, “yep, just getting warmed up.”
I’m hoping to get more chickens, turkeys, a few kittens and eventually some hogs on the land. I know, it sounds crazy, but this whole “quality time” idea is really not what we need. More mud pits, a few more cats on the bed, children to chase, and some big pigs to say good morning to – now thats what I call a date!
Its important to wear a good pair of boots on our romantic path together. There’s always a lot of stuff Bella is interested in to scrape off. Love you babe – happy V-day. Yeah stinky us!

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