Harvest Prayer for the Springfield Grange Oct 2012

We welcome this season of harvest
with gratitude, humility and hunger.

As our beautiful winter squash ripen,
the low autumn sun warms our fields,
and the winter tides begin to build,
we hunger for the rains.

We hunger
for peace, fellowship,
and the abundance that flows from a community
made of the dignity and beauty of all beings.

We are grateful for our Springfield Grange,
that was born from the hard work of sincere farming people.
We are here to bring new vitality and perspective to its deep heart.

In this work
we open our own hearts to the compassionate spirits,
be they our ancestors, the Creator, our great Mother Earth, or
the many other loving beings who care for each one of us.

Please bless this food, bless this meeting, bless our Grange and the diverse community we are here to embrace.

Tonight we gather to feast and celebrate our harvest,
we gather to plan for another season.
May we be nourished by this food,
even while we hunger for a better world.

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