Evidence of Dragons

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Its finally happened, the Dragons are waking up after sleeping for millennia. Halfway around the world three Dragon lairs have appeared this summer, proportedly first swelling then blasting their way open. Scientists call the methane released at their opening “dragons breath,” and rightly so.
St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland and the great heroes of old, many of them Christians, slayed all the Dragons, or so we’re told. Before the Christians came, some scholars believe Dragons were revered, at least by the Irish, not only as being of immense power, but also as guardians of mysteries and visions, as well as being the body of the land itself.
Ley lines, thought to be an energy grid connecting power spots, are also known as Dragon lines, expressions again of the body of the earth. Likely these beings were not slain, simply our awareness of them was driven deep into our souls. The pathways of their breath, their network of connections can still be felt by some.

Dragons Lair Revealed

The Dragons in Siberia do not appear to be awakening in a celebratory mood, far from it. The methane they bring with them could result in a radically accelerated global warming due to an unstoppable positive reinforcing feedback loop – as much as a 7% increase in temperatures in 100 years. That could well result in ecological collapse in less than 1/2 a century. We have rudely awakened these Dragons from a deep slumber, they will not be gentle.
I have been working more and more with Dragons since my Fathers death. Not too long after he died, when I would journey to visit with him, he was riding a Dragon. His work with those spirits has pulled me into journeying to them as well as exploring their vast footprint across human culture. I’m struck by two important aspects of these spirits:

  • Their ubiquity around the world. Though they differ in temperament, behavior and some physical characteristics, they can be found in a remarkable number of cultures.
  • Their extraordinary power. These are obviously beings who’s smallest movements can destroy whole communities.

We are looking at a future in which, whether we like it or not, we’ll be living with Dragons. The extraordinary powers of nature that we have been able to at times calm and often keep entirely at bay, are re-awakening, sloughing off their dust and readying their wings for flight. Their powers are likely much vaster than even our best scientists can imagine. Dragons never died, they were simply resting. They have stored up quite a bit of energy.
When I’m in the presence of beings of such immense power I’m immediately pulled into that place in my heart where my sense of responsibility is rooted. How have I taken responsibility for myself in life, where have I not called myself to be accountable? That is how I see the awakening of these Dragons, as a call to our culture to finally begin to genuinely take responsibility for itself – responsibility for how our way of life impacts the Earth, the indigenous peoples of the Earth, and all life on the planet. It is time for us to own what we, and our ancestors in our name, have done.
This is a gift. Every great spiritual quest begins with the questor taking responsibility for some aspect of their lives. You must first show up and say whole heartedly “YES!” Until we own our relationship to the Earth and all her beings we’ll never be complete, we’ll never be fully whole. These Dragons are here to make sure we’ll own up to that job of taking responsibility, or die. Its just that simple. There will be no quarter, no excuses, no more time.
As I said, this is a gift. We were made for these times, you and I, we were born to ride Dragons. Dragon riders don’t always live long, comfortable lives, retiring to beaches in Florida. But their lives are filled with truth, love and the greatest adventures of spirit. Rest assured, adventurous times lay ahead for all of us.
There is a magic that sustains us all, it is imbedded in the very nature of life. That is the stuff of which Dragons are made. Only through getting in touch with that force can we learn to ride Dragons and survive this time of great change. Its time to remember the presence of Dragons in the world, to remember our true place in the landscape of things, to cast off the drab mask of our diddering post-modern techno-narcissim and find those Dragon-riding boots we wore eons ago.

Best to you and yours as the age of Dragons dawns upon us all.

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