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Like many of you reading this I’ve been pulled to exploring spirituality for most of my life. My pursuits departed from mediation and various movement practices in my twenties when a spiritual crisis drove me to seek healing from a shamanic practitioner. I trained in core shamanism, received a Masters in Transformative Arts from JFKU’s Arts and Consciousness program, practiced journey work and spirit doctoring for twenty years, and taught for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS). I consider myself to have a black belt in journeying.

After recently leaving my position as faculty in training at the FSS, I received a dream from the Sidhe that drove me deeper into working with the traditions of my Celtic ancestors, as well as taking my spiritual practice directly into nature. Since then I’ve worked to develop my relationship with the Otherworld and have started to teach others methods to develop their relationship with the Sidhe. My life as a husband, father, and homesteader all give me an opportunity to embody all of the gifts of spirit in my daily life. I’ve been developing new coursework based on my training in Core Shamanism, my MA in Transformative Arts as well as my developing relationship with the Sidhe.

 training & education

BA UC Santa Cruz, Modern Society and Social Thought. Thesis focus on the evolution of Death and Dying Practices in early American culture. Research included work in several Hospices.

MA, Transformative Arts from JFK Institute of Holistic Studies, Arts and Consciousness Department.

Successfully completed the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year training program in advanced shamanic practices, as well as other advanced shamanic training workshops taught by the FSS and other teachers like Tom Cowan.

Recently departed as teacher for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

20 years of movement training including, Ballet, Modern Dance, Authentic Movement, Continuum, Aikido and Iaido.