Foundation For Shamanic Studies (FSS)

A Core Shamanic Theory of Omens. Available in the FSS print Journal “Shamanism”. “Its typical for us to seek out a specific, literal meaning for an omen, and perhaps its true that almost all omens can offer this up. However, we risk unintentionally sidestepping and perhaps even diminishing the power given to us when we jump into a process of interpretation. In a funny way we’re just adding metaphor to a metaphor that’s already been given to us. Perhaps its like returning to the same journey over and over again, asking the same question again and again because we did not understand the answer.”

A Personal Look at Core Shamanism “Several generations from now, when shamanism has had the time to fully develop roots in our culture, our ancestors may look back with great appreciation for our generation’s shamanic re-discovery. The practitioners who struggled with their own health issues while working intensively with the spirits, the single mothers who saved for years to be able to afford to learn shamanic techniques, the artists who finally accepted the shamanic dimension of their work and let it carry them where it would, the health care professionals who faced the disdain of their mainstream peers with courage and openness – these may all turn out to be the heroes of shamanic practitioners yet to come.”

She is Going Someplace. Available in the FSS 2020 print journal “Shamanism”.“We can only teach about a good way to die by living it. But I think this is also just our job in working with shamanism in our culture. The only way to convey its power is to live it, as best we can. This is how we can influence future generations of Westerners. I see this in my own children, how I talk to them about Momma’s spirit. How I share my dreams with them when Terry comes to visit. How I share with them when I journey to her.”

What Core Shamanism Has Given Me “We are in need of a means of accessing the sacred that is neither trapped in a religion, nor cut of from its transformative power. We have needed this for many generations. Perhaps others have found this resource elsewhere. I have not, nor have many of my contemporaries.”

HipFish Monthly

Mud & Hugs, Author Timothy Flynn On Fathering through Loss in Wilder Grief by Heather Hirschi (pages 7 & 8 of Oct 2022 issue). “Tim unflinchingly and lovingly tells the story of fathering his two young children while honoring their mother’s wish to die at home. I don’t think it’s possible to read Wilder Grief without weeping. Yet, there’s nothing maudlin about this book. ‘Grief is the healer,’ Tim tells me. ‘Grief mends.'”

Society For Shamanic Practice

Refuge for Our Spirits “Grief helps us sort through the shamanic tools, traditions and rituals we’ve explored throughout our lives. When grief challenges us, stripping away all pretense, we are able to clearly see what resonates most with our own spirits.”

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