I was talking to a friend the other night, about how so many of us working with spiritual transformation were spontaneously coming to some of the same themes: wholeness of soul, way of life, the tangibility of spirit – “Its as if we’re all sitting at a round table, and every time I glance one way or another, someone new has sat down beside me.” These are some of the people I see sitting next to me at that great table.



The Foundation For Shamanic Studies ~ Official website of the FSS – Michael & Sandra Harner who gave birth to Core Shamanism.

Society For Shamanic Practitioners ~ A new organization, promoting shamanism in the West.

River Drum ~ The website of Shamanic Practitioner and workshop leader Tom Cowan, specializing in Celtic shamanism/spirituality. He’s a great writer too!

One Tribe Only ~ The website of Shamanic Practitioner, teacher, and writer Lora Jansson. Home of the Asian Moon Bear project.

Aninha Livingstone ~ Great healer, therapist, supporter of women & creative ritual/ceremonialist.

Story Shaman ~ The website of Shamanic Practitioner and teacher Ann Riley.

New Moon Journal Michele Lessirad – shamanism – astrology – healing – honesty – love.



A Family Growing Through Sustainability.

Rhythm of the Home

Throw Nothing Away

Eco-Farm. Sustainable Food

Urban Homesteading

Civil Eats


Indigenous Culture




Thomas Berry. Ecology, Spirituality, Transformation.



Charles Eisenstein

Andrew Harvey

Stephen Jenkinson

Ian Mack

Carolyne Baker



Continuum With Beth Riley



River Drum Tom Cowan, Author, Celtic Shamanic Teacher. Wonderful essays.

My Gorgeous Somewhere – Dana Gutheries stories -poetry – project – future of writing

Maya Stein’s writing blog – food – life

Patti Digh What would you do if you had 37 days to live?


Visual Arts

Andy Goldsworthy

Terry Ellis Arts

Don Hazelitine Arts

Gloria Lamson

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