what people are saying about Tim

“Tim is an absolutely generous, intelligent, kind, and knowledgeable soul. He presents and guides with expertise as well as takes good care of the participants.”

“He’s phenomenal: present, real, patient, knowledgeable, approachable, and kind. From the beginning I felt that I could trust Tim.”

“The consummate teaching stays with me, in the twitch of my ears of my panther ancestor and the subtle, powerful muscular movement on large paws and rippling shoulders and legs, as well as in the peace and stillness of being whole and complete.”

“I know that the integral way that movement was woven into the journeys made it all feel cohesive and to lose that separation between soul and body was simply a wonderful gift.”

“the knowledge that, for me, wildness is a deep, dark and intimate connection with nature”

“The weekend was sacred and profound in deep, powerful evocation of the land, the spirits of the land and each of our souls.”

“I especially liked the humble, gentle and wise thorough way you presented the material and the creative options for each journey.  My notes remind me of the power of asking for an invocation from our wildness, a Battle Cry to Life, and the poetic duty to instill and weave together the invocation and the sensory moment.”

“it was fabulous”

“…thank you for doing what you do, your work has opened up the reality of deep intimate relationship with wild ones.”

“The journeying was amazing and. Tim was such a great guide. His own shamanic power is so strong yet gentle – a wonderful blend.”

“Fabulous…I’m not sure I could have had a better experience.”

“Tim is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher and his workshop was rich in information and experience.”

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