This six session course is based on The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Shamanic (FSS) Counseling training. Each session (between 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours) focuses on building the clients journeying skill through active narration of their journey. After each journey there is a review process focused on exploring the journey from a personal, classical shamanic and core shamanic perspective. The entire course is $600 with a required $200 deposit. To schedule the series of trainings contact me: (831) 204-8323

This is available as a remote process, no need to see me at my home in the Monterey Bay area. Be sure to ask about doing this work remotely.

To learn more about this method of learning how to journey visit the FSS webiste page on this here, or read Sandra Harners enthralling book on a ten year ongoing shamanic counseling process: Ema’s Odyssey.

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