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I have been writing this way for years, or at least for the decades I’ve been creatively writing about my life. My “aha” moment came just a few years ago. I was at the Oregon coast with my kids, they were resting from our drive, waiting to hit the beach. I was reading a blog post I wrote about my son a few years ago, just weeks after my wife passed from cancer:

“Then you look over to see your son curled up on the couch with his beloved cat stretched next to him. This gorgeous young man painted from head to toe with every moment of his Mothers love is sleeping without fear. You know his rest is unblemished, it is still the sleep of young, wild things.”

A warmth filled me that I can only describe as the rising of my own spirit. I knew then that this is the kind of writing I want in my life. The subject of my writing is how my own life is a story of opening deeper to the presence of spirit.

I was able to continue to write for soul during my wife’s illness and in the years after. That work ultimately became a book Wilder Grief: Discovering the Song of Life After Loss. The process of writing fed my resilience through the many challenges of losing her and single parenting our two young children. That strength came from dipping into my soul as part of my writing process.

Lets engage the alchemy of writing to conjure our souls.

.Do you have stories to tell that bring you more deeply into the source of who you are?

Are you ready for those stories to make their way into the world?

Join me in a writing class designed to take you deeper into your soul.

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