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These are powerful times.

The craft of strengthening our connection to our own souls was well honed by many of our ancestors, who relied on their souls for surviving the challenges of life. Its time for us to rediscover those practices, to reclaim our most tangible sense of spirit in our daily lives to support us in our own lives as well as the vitality of our communities.

This workshop is designed to help you integrate a regular, daily practice of strengthening your spirit and its connection to the that realm of the Otherworld that some Celtic people call the Sidhe (pronounced “shee” and meaning both the faery world and the faeries themselves).

New and ancient tools.

Leaning into the guiding myths of our ancestors. I’ve been working with the stories of the Sidhe, the Tuatha De Dannan, and the Huldenfolk. These voices of the land, from a time when soul was a binding fabric of community, will guide us on our way. We’ll explore ways to inhabit their stories that will evoke their transformative power on our own spirits.

A metaphor is worth more than a thousand words. The spirits I visited during this time kept encouraging me to bring poems as offerings. Why poetry? Because poetry, prayer and story all help bring us into balance with the Otherworld. Metaphor contains and communicates transformative power. We’ll work with our own metaphorical language to foster harmony with the Sidhe.

My soul circle, my cauldron. This year I was called back to the circle I built as part of my Masters word in Transformative Arts at JFKs Arts and Consciousness program.

NewCircle - 1
Soul Circle

Around twenty years ago I built my first circle, eight feet in diameter as a container and witness for my process of journeying through the spirit world as I moved. It has become the companion for my daily practice of shapeshifting into my souls power by working with the story of Caer Ibormeith, the Tuatha De Dannan Goddess who spent a year as a human and a year as a Swan. We’ll be working with this and other circles like it, bring our journeying and our stories into a physical place to ground our practice.

What you need to attend this workshop: a pulse.

This is the work of people who want to feel their souls presence in their daily life more powerfully. No prior exposure to shamanism, journeying, storytelling or Celtic myth is required.

More about me here.

More about my teaching here.

*Note – this workshop date was recently changed to Feb 25th & 26th 2017.


This course is currently closed – please check back for more info.

Food and accommodations:

This workshop will be held at the Subud Center in Soquel CA. We will meet Sunday morning (optional) at a local beach or the forest of Nisene Marks. The Subud Center itself does not offer accomodations, though we’ll have access to a kitchen. Nearby Soquel Village has many options for food and the greater Santa Cruz area has many hotel, B & B, and Air B & B options that typically have reduced prices during the off season.


The first session will run from 10 am to 5:30 pm on Feb 25th. The next day (26th) will have a  9:30 am to 12pm session at either a local forest or beach location, closing at 6:30 at the Subud Center.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me @ tim@alchemistsjournal or (831) 204-8323.

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